January 2013

Heart&Stroke Walkabout Partners for 2013 Sole Sisters Race

Posted on Jan 29, 2013

We’re pumped: Heart and Stroke Foundation returns as charity partner

Ready to walk the talk? Not everyone starts running right from square one; in fact, many people become physically active through walking. That’s why United by Running is thrilled that the Heart and Stroke Foundation, through its Heart and Stroke Walkabout™ program, is returning as a charity partner in 2013 for the Sole Sisters Women’s Race.

Heart&Stroke WalkaboutTM supports Nova Scotians to walk more. The initiative includes tools and resources to support groups, workplaces and individuals. United by Runningbelieves this is a tremendous initiative to help people become more active – and we’re confident that this year’s walkers are next year’s runners.

United by Running is making it a priority to be involved with charities, particularly those that encourage active living, and the organization is excited to partner with the Walkaboutprogram to promote and encourage walking at the United by Running’s Sole Sisters race. Sole Sister’s is an untimed event where participants move at their own pace, making it a perfect event for new walkers and runners. About 10 per cent of registrants at Sole Sisters are walkers.

“The Heart and Stroke Foundation is excited to partner with community organizations and events such as Sole Sister’s Women’s Race to support and encourage active living,” said Elaine Shelton, Director of Health Promotion, Policy and Research, Heart and Stroke Foundation in Nova Scotia. “Heart disease and stroke are leading health concerns for women, and being physically active is one way to help reduce your risk and be more healthy. Programs and events that support and encourage women to be more active provide important resources to help us make positive health decisions – one step at a time.”

Registered walkers who stop by the Walkabout booth during race kit pick-up will receive a free surprise and the opportunity to learn more about the organization’s interactive website that helps individuals connect with other walkers, map out walking routes on Nova Scotian streets and track their steps.

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Letter to the Editor New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on Jan 07, 2013

To the editor,

As is tradition, every January many people set resolutions or goals for the year. A popular and reoccurring resolution seems to be one of personal fitness, weight loss or a change in diet. Finding time in our busy schedule to go to the gym or adopt a new diet trend can be challenging. The New Year symbolizes a time of change and opportunity for new beginnings. So, this January I invite Nova Scotians to adopt a new resolution and resolve to celebrate the joy of physical activity.

Physical activity comes in all forms. Whether you walk, cycle, snowshoe, use fitness equipment at a gym or at home, you can experience the social, physical and mental health benefits of being physically active. Benefits are available for the taking- regardless of body size.

When setting your goals for this year, consider focusing on having fun and finding something enjoyable to you. You will soon discover that living and eating well improves mood, alertness and quality of life.

The Heart&Stroke Walkabout™ website (www.walkaboutns.ca ) is a great way to set goals and track your progress or consider attending Zumba4Heart on February 2nd in Halifax, a Zumba dance party in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

150 minutes per week of physical activity is all you need for health benefits. How will you get your joy today?


Menna MacIsaac, CEO, Heart and Stroke Foundation in Nova Scotia

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