April 2012

Grade 7 Girls Are Walking!

Posted on Apr 19, 2012

Heart & Stroke Walkabout™ is pleased to support female youth in Nova Scotia to be physically active through walking. OneStep, a component of Walkabout, is a fun, extracurricular resource to assist grade 7 girls to be more active before school, during lunch, after school or throughout the whole day. These activities have been designed with girls in mind, but boys are welcome to participate as well.

Heart&Stroke OneStep extra-curricular resource is free of charge to schools and is theirs to keep. Each participating school will receive enough pedometers for all their grade seven girls and a leader handbook which includes suggested activities, parental consent forms and other useful forms.

Being an extra-curricular resource, schools may use the resource however it works for them. During the Pilot phase of the project, many Junior High schools started girls clubs and walked together at lunch time. The girls appreciated having a chance to walk and talk and also learned how many steps per day they were accumulating. This resource is a great opportunity to have older students mentor younger students and lead walks and activities.

This resource has been approved by the Department of Education and communicated through each School Board. Heart and Stroke is hoping schools will find this resource a valuable tool to help support girls in junior high school to continue to be physically active while providing them a chance to connect socially as well.

To find out how to get the resource in the Junior High school in your area, you may contact Catherine Droesbeck at [email protected]


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