Find a walking group

Join a walking group

Creating or joining a walking group virtually or in person is a great way to meet and walk together with colleagues, friends, neighbours or family, or to connect online to share walking progress and encouragement. On the Heart&Stroke Walkabout website you can create a group and:

  • Invite others to join your group
  • Set up group walking goals (e.g., Work with your group members to walk from here to Vancouver)
  • Hold competitions within groups and with other groups
  • Be a source of encouragement

If you are looking for a group to walk with in your area, check out the groups directory for a list of current walking groups. This list of walking groups provides information on groups that meet regularly to walk. They welcome new members. Find more walking groups by registering and becoming a Walkabout member – it’s free to join.

You need to be a member of the Walkabout website to create a walking group. It takes seconds to sign up.  You will gain instant access to supportive resources and features:

Remember: Walking groups are found in workplaces, communities and schools across Nova Scotia. Groups on the website have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Participants choose to join a group at their own risk. Whether you are walking alone or joining a group for the first time, remember these safety tips to keep safe and injury-free.