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Lynda Kanne, Aylesford, Nova Scotia

Where is your favourite walk?

I have several favourite walks including Cape Split, Blomindon. In Nova Scotia we are lucky to have a beautiful province and a variety of areas for walking, whether it be coastal, woodland or just a small community to get out and enjoy any time of the year.

Who motivates you to go for a walk?

My circle of friends that I have with various walking groups as well as the fact that I like to keep active and encourage others to do the same so I will make arrangements to walk with them or assist in setting up groups in communities to encourage walking.

Where is the most interesting place you have walked?

The most interesting place I have walked is in Oregon – Silver Falls State Park.  In 11 kms of trail there are 10 waterfalls – three of which the trail goes under. (I am a sucker for a good waterfalls walk and to have 10 of them in an 11 km stretch – Wow!)  I also like to walk where there is some history, such as Kejimkujik National Park, Fundy National Park, etc.

Do you like to walk on your own or with others?

I enjoy walking on my own at times to think things out and clear my mind, but I also enjoy walking as a group or with others for the friendship and social aspect as well.

Walkabout member, Robert Hopkins:

I had open heart surgery in May, 1991 (double by-pass). Before I was released from the hospital the surgeon had a very long talk with me. He pulled no punches and laid things on the line. He said, quote: ” If you want to live a few years you must quit smoking and start walking.” I did both, quit smoking and since May 1991 I have walked over 20,000 miles (not kms). Most people say you mean kilometers…..no, I mean miles. The majority of my walking has been done outside along local highways. The last two years I have switched to a treadmill inside due to leg and feet problems. I’m into my twenty first year since open heart surgery and have had no heart problems. I think this says something for walking.