Walking takes you places

Walking can clear your head, solve problems and help you get some distance from everyday worries. It’s good for your heart – in every sense! It can give you more time with family and friends, more opportunities to discover and more time to live. The campaign is focused on rekindling the joyful side of walking—the side that focuses more on the journey and the impact a few steps can have in our lives, our relationships and in the decisions we make.

Creating a walking culture

In 2008, the Heart and Stroke Foundation launched a first-of-its-kind social marketing campaign on walking that focuses on (re)discovering the joyful side of walking beyond the typical physical benefits.

  • No other province in Canada has developed such a comprehensive campaign. Internationally, this campaign will allow Nova Scotia to join the ranks of Australia, England and Scotland.
  • The research in Nova Scotia shows us that the social aspect of walking triggers a more motivated response to participate even when time is a concern.

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