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Time: 0.45 Hours
Distance: 2.14km
Steps: 2675 Steps
Difficulty: Easy
Type: Walking in the Footsteps

Notes: Glooscap First Nation

History: Located just outside the Glooscap First Nation along the beautiful Bog road, the Laurie Saulnier Memorial Trail is a 2 km loop that is perfect for hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Along this trail you will find many alder and birch trees, both of which are of great importance to the Mi’kmaw people. White birch trees were used in the construction of baskets, canoes and traditional dwellings known as wigwams. The sap of yellow birch was turned into sugars and syrups, while its bark was chewed for nourishment, and used to treat indigestion and stomach cramps. Alder tree bark was also used for medicinal reasons, such as treating mouth ulcers, bleeding, fever, wounds and pain.

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