Glooscap Community Trail

Glooscap Community Trail
1525 Steps
1.22 km

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Time: 0.25 Hours
Distance: 1.22km
Steps: 1525 Steps
Difficulty: Easy
Type: Walking in the Footsteps

Notes: Glooscap First nation

History: Located within the Glooscap First Nation community, the 1.3 km Glooscap Community Trail is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels to hike during the summer months, and snowshoe throughout the winter. Along this path you will find many traditional medicines, foods, materials, and teas that have been harvested by the Glooscap First Nation for generations. Throughout your journey along this path, you’ll see birch bark used for crafts, fiddleheads to eat, and chuga—a mushroom that grows over the course of many years on the side of birch bark trees—used to make chuga tea. If you look closely, you may also see the Wiklatmu’j, or Stone People. According to Mi’kmaw folklore, these small, swift, and strong people live in the area and are always watching. But don’t worry—the Wiklatmu’j are friendly folk who love to sing, dance and play.

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