Gaspereau River Trail

Gaspereau River Trail
10012.5 Steps
8.01 km

Walked this Route

Gaspereau, NS

Time: 1.67 Hours
Distance: 8.01km
Steps: 10013 Steps
Difficulty: Easy
Type: Walking in the Footsteps

Notes: Glooscap First Nation

History: The Gaspereau River Trail immerses you in history as you follow an old cart track up a narrow river gorge in the Gaspereau Valley. Located just outside the community of White Rock, this 9 km trail is not a loop and typically takes two to three hours there and back to complete. The Gaspereau River Trail has been used by the Mi’kmaw people for centuries, thanks, in part, to the productive fish runs in the Gaspereau River that attracted a large settlement of Mi’kmaw people every summer. This trail is best for hiking in the spring, summer, and fall. Experienced snowshoers may enjoy the challenge it provides during the winter months.

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