How to create a route

To create a new route, click the “Routes” tab. On this page, you can click “Create a Route” button next to “Routes.” This will take you to a page when you can either click a starting point on the map provided or enter an address then click “Place Marker.” Then click “Next.” The next step allows you to draw your path on the map. Choose your line type (straight is good for routes that follow a straight path while the squiggly line allows you to contour your route to any bends and curves in your trail). You then have the ability to drag the line by moving your cursor along the route and clicking at turns/corners or variations in the route to anchor it. If you make a mistake, you have the option to “Edit Path,” “Delete Last Line” or “Restart.” When you’ve finished, click “Next.” The next step enables you to fill out the Route’s details, then click “Finish” to create the Route.

How to search for a route

To search for an existing route, go to the “Routes” tab. All routes will be displayed on this page. To assist you in finding a route you would like to walk or add to your routes, you may choose how to display the routes by clicking the drop down menu that says “Order By.” Here you may display routes according to distance, ratings and so on.

If you know the name of the route you’re looking for, you may enter that name or a keyword in the space that says “Search Routes” and click the search button.

How to walk a route or add a route to My Routes

To walk a route, click the “walk this route” button next to the listing. This will automatically fill in a form for you with the number of steps in that route and allow you post these steps as your normally would.

To add a route to “My Routes,” click the “Add to My Routes” button next to the route listing.