Logging Steps

How to log steps

To log your steps, click the Profile tab and go to the Add Steps box. Enter your number of steps in the space provided. These steps will automatically be applied to your goals/challenges (flag icon) and to your groups (people icon). If you wish not to apply steps to all goals/challenges and groups, simply click the appropriate icon and deselect the option you wish to exclude by clicking it and then click “done.”

Before posting, you have the option to add a note (simply fill in the space provided), to share your progress on Facebook and Twitter and you have the option to share your post publicly. You may do this by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes before clicking “Post Steps.”

This Add Steps box also allows you to log your steps by entering time or distance. Simply click “Steps” menu to select your option. Clicking this menu also allows you to enter other activities and convert them into steps. Simply enter the number of minutes you performed the activity and find the activity in the drop down menu.

How to log steps to another date

The Add Steps box is automatically set to “today,” but should you wish to log steps for a different date, simply click the calendar icon and choose the date you’d like to add steps to.

How to view/interpret your progress chart

To view your progress in a chart, click the Profile tab at the top of your screen (note: you can also access your profile by clicking your name as it appears on the top lefthand side of your page).

The red line on the chart represents your steps and the teal line represents the recommended number of steps you should be aiming for per day. You can view your progress over a given period of time by selecting the “Last Week,” “Last Month” or “All Time” tabs.

Watch this video for more information: