Watch this video for tips on Groups:

How to create a group

To create a walking group, click the “Groups” tab. Beside the word “Groups” at the top of your page is a button that says “Create a Group.” Click it and enter your group name and a description in the spaces provided. Click “create group and continue.”

The next page, “Settings,” will allow you to choose whether you wish to make the group public (anyone can join), private (only users who request membership and are accepted can join) or hidden (only users who are invited can join the group).

Under “Group Invitations,” you may choose which members of your group may invite others.

The next step allows you to upload an image to use as the group’s profile picture. Click the “choose file” button, select your image, then click the “Upload Image” button. Click “next step” to continue and invite friends to your group. You may also click “back to previous step” should you wish to return to “Settings.”

The next step allows you to invite people from your friends list to join. Simply check the box next to the friends‘ names you wish to invite and click “Finish.”


How to create a walking group:


How to search for a group

To search for an existing group, go to the “Groups” tab. All public and private groups will be displayed on this page. To assist you in finding a group you would like to join, you may choose how to display the groups by clicking the drop down menu that says “Order By.” Here you may display groups according to alphabetical order, number of members and so on.

If you know the name of the group you’re looking for, you may enter that name or a keyword in the space that says “Search Groups” and click the search button.

How to join a group

To join a group that is public, click the “Join Group” button next to the group listing. To request membership to a private group, click the “Request Membership” button next to the group listing. You will be added to the group if your request is approved.

To view the groups you are a part of, click the “My Groups” tab. This information is also visible in your Profile (click the “Profile” tab and find “Groups” on the lefthand side of your page).