Engage Others

How to create a challenge

Click on the “Challenge” tab at the top of your page. You can then decide whether you’d like to make a Group Challenge (will create a “Challenge” for the Group you are an admin of) or a Friend Challenge (people on your list of Friends can join on an individual basis).

You have the option to create a new custom route (see Routes instructions) or select a predefined path from the drop down menu. Once you’ve created your challenge, you can pick which friends you would like to invite. You also have the option to make this an open challenge so any member can join (check off the box).

How to join an existing challenge

To join an existing Group or Friend challenge, click on the challenge you would like to join and click the “Join Challenge” button.

If it’s a group challenge, you must join the challenge as a group by selecting your group name. A Friend challenge you can join on an individual basis.