The HMCS Shelburne Trailblazers Group

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In 1967, the HMCS Shelburne Trailblazers, led by LCdr Fred Jones, hiked to Shelburne along the Old Annapolis Road as a Centennial Project to enhance awareness of the history of the region. This commemorative hike has been designed to use existing roads, trails and waterways, to connect the history of the diverse groups who have lived and worked in the region of southwest Nova Scotia. The trail connects the First Nations Bands of the region (Yarmouth, Ponhook, Medway, Wildcat and Bear River); the former military installations (at Yarmouth, Bacarro, Shelburne, Liverpool, Annapolis Royal, and Cornwallis); and includes recognition of sites of importance to the cultures of First Nations, Acadians. New England Planters, Loyalists, Africans, Welsh, and others who settled in the region over the centuries.

Community: Acadia First Nation/South Shore
Group Type: Challenge Group